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“Thank you for such an amazing tour. Everything about it was truly an experience we will remember for a long time. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to join you on the tour and I hope you keep the adventure going.” — Janice Holmes (2019)

Join The Rye Baker, Stanley Ginsberg,
on a once-in-a-lifetime baker’s journey.

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  • Alan L Zelt

    February 8, 2020

    Read with interest your new tours this year. As a retired couple, our budget is a tad more constrained. We have been living for almost a year now in Malta; and loving it. Started my sours back up. Been making whole wheat( or as they say here, wholemeal) bagels. And o course my two kilo whole wheat and seed loaf.

    As a result of our Hanukkah and spa month in Finland, I brought back some coarse rye flour as well. Have also been experimenting by adding some purchased rye malt flour. Really adds some great zing to whole wheat bread,
    Maltese are quite proud of their local daily bread (Hobz). All handmade, about a pound each. White or wheat. Not full on sour; but they add some Altus to give it a bit of tang.

    You will have to give Malta a couple of days stop.


    https://maltabyzelt. Home. Blog/

    • Stanley Ginsberg

      February 13, 2020

      Interesting info. Is there much of an American expat community there? I’m very fond of Finnish rye flour: I know a couple of farmers in southern Finland who grow and mill their own rye — wonderful stuff that I try to bring back with me whenever I’m over there. The bread also sounds interesting, although I can”t imagine that much agriculture on the island… and definitely will put the place on my travel bucket list.


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